Unitel хөтөч Univision хөтөч Ger Интернэт хөтөч

What is Expat Service?

As an expat customer of Unitel, you have access to the following services:

  • English-Speaking Dedicated Specialist: to provide you with on-demand support 
  • Exclusive access: to Unitel Branches and Contact Center
  • English Chatbot: to request assistance and information with FAQs on five languages
  • Expat-Exclusive Product: Prepaid and Postpaid mobile plans designed just for you

We also provide virtual and physical assistance on:

  • Clarification and prompt service on all our products (Unitel, Univision, LookTV, Ger Internet)
  • Recommendation and consultancy on the products that best fit your needs
  • Step by step tutorials and guidance for any questions you might have